Tulechov Medizintechnik


The spectrum of our academy includes education of the therapists, so that you can start highly qualified with an advanced profession. We help you with the start of your own practice and offer advanced training measures.


Effective, painless and hygienic treatment depends not only on cutting-edge technology, but also on the qualifications of the therapist who applies it. All the therapists trained by us have a thorough medical knowledge and have received intensive training in the field of Dermaordinology. The training involves use of our software and equipment and above all getting acquainted with the best treatment techniques. The treating personnel will acquire profound knowledge of the various skin problems and learn how to inform and care for the client.

If you want to take advantage of our knowledge and be one step ahead of your competitors, please, contact us for further details.



Running a fully equipped practice for Dermaordinology is a successful way to start or expand one’s own business. We help you with setting up a unique practice for Dermaordinology. Our comprehensive package allows you to use our successful business concept.

Be unique and start your own practice or make your practice or clinic more attractive and more successful!

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